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Play Areas



• Multi-level structure composed of more than 30 activities, including tubes, trampolines, slides, climb nets and obstacle courses.
• A section is reserved to children 3 years and under
• Accessible to adults.

• Huge arena including fountains and foam ball canons.
• For the pleasure of all. Accessible to adults.
The trampolines

• Because all children love to jump! Free and unlimited access.
• For children only.

• Each level includes multiple interlaced elastics similar to a spider web. Children can safely climb inside. For children of 5 to 12 years old.
•6 meters high allowing to master the sense of height.

The yellow speed slide

• This famous slide is the most popular with those who love speed.
•Accessible to adults.


• High and abrupt this slide offers strong sensations to children 5 years old and up.
•Accessible to adults.
Bungee trampolines

• 4 trampolines offering the possibility to safely jump up to 6 meters high.
• Accessible to all (from 20 to 90 kg).
• Not included in admission fees.

• New competition game, which will be the faster to turn off most of lights.
• Accessible to adults.

• 6 movie choices, wind, moving bench, an uncommon experience.
• Not included in admission fees.
(St-Bruno and Quebec Location)

• Different games of lights on the floor; soccer, balls to burst and more.
• Accessible to adults.

(Quebec Location)

• Choice of 6 different models of distorting screens.
• Accessible to adults.

In addition to these play areas, Récréofun is equipped with various games of skill.


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